Book Review: MEDDLING KIDS, by Edgar Cantero

MEDDLING KIDS is a new novel by Edgar Cantero. This is not your parent’s Scooby-Doo, and yet, this book is perfect for your parents who were fans of Scooby-Doo!

Here’s the thing. I had a tough time remembering I wasn’t reading a Scooby-Doo mash-up novel. So even though I was reading names like Peter, Nate, Kerri, Andy and Tim, I associated them with the forever-famous Fred, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Scooby. There was no way around it. I will admit that, at first, it was distracting.

And then, I was sucked into the story. Into the mystery. Back in the early 1970’s these kids, and their dog, too, spent summers together. They ended up solving mysteries together. Even gave themselves a name: The Blyton Summer Detective Club. Everything went well, and they enjoyed the little bit of fame received. Until, that is, everything changed.

In 1977, the teen private detectives unmask the Sleepy Lake monster. (It’s always people in masks. It’s never real monsters). It was the also the last summer they spent together. The last mystery they solved together. As they each go on their own, separate way they suffer alone a haunting feeling that more happened that particular night than anyone was ever willing to talk about; more than anyone was ever willing to admit.

In 1990, it is time for the Blyton Summer Detective Club to get back together, to return to Sleepy Lake and find out the truth about what really went down that night. It coincides with Thomas Wickley’s release from prison. You know, Wickley, the Sleepy Lake monster.

Problem is, no one can stay the same. More than a decade has changed the kids into disturbed, and slightly n-sane adults. And even though one of them has died, (after becoming a modestly famous actor), one of them sees and talks to the ghost . . . regularly. Was there more than met the eye? What really happened?

I truly, truly enjoyed Edgar Cantero’s MEDDLING KIDS. There is a solid, trilling tale between the pages. And while it looks like Scooby-doo, feels like Scooby-doo, and read likes Scooby-doo, it is clearly its own piece worthy of its praise! Dark, funny, scary, and entertaining, I believe MEDDLING KIDS is a fantastic summer beach read.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series
and The Vaccination Trilogy

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