Book Review: OVERWATCH, by Matthew Betley

I am definitely on a kick. Thanks to the likes of Vince Flynn. While I have always loved crime novels, only recently have I started reading about espionage, and military-thrillers. My latest read is Matthew Betley’s debut, OVERWATCH.

The overall plot is somewhat simple. I like that. There is an objective, and the Betley just spends nearly four-hundred pages going at it full head-on! The main character is former marine Logan West. Since his time after the war he’s let his life somewhat crumble. Marriage is a signature away from over, and his drinking isn’t helping matters.

On a binge, West wakes up to find he is not alone. A man is in the same room with him. He wants a flag. It was taken during a mission West spearheaded in Fallujah some four years prior. The flag belonged to Saddam Hussein, and it held the power to change the physical balance of the middle east forever. The intruder made a mistake. Several, actually. The intruder threatened harm to West’s wife if the flag wasn’t recovered and turned over.

West calls on his closest, most trustworthy (and former military) friend, Mike Benson. Benson is a special agent with the National Counter-terrorism Center (and Benson’s Uncle Jake is the Director of the F.B.I. Counter-terrorism Division). West never gave up any information, but he does know where the flag is, and who has it.

Working with his former Platoon Sargent, John Quick, Benson and West are on a mission sanctioned by the President of the United States to track down and stop a planned, and major terrorist attack. They have three things working against them. They don’t know who is involved. They don’t know what kind of secrets are on the flag. And they have no idea what the intended target is . . . and yet, time is running out.

OVERWATCH is nothing shy of an intense, adrenaline rush. It kind of reminds me of “24,” if Jack Bauer had been in the marines. I will admit I spent time Googling things while reading. The military weapons, and terms, and vehicles used throughout the book. Could have just read over them, but what fun is that? I wanted to picture what was being described! And wowzers, I got the picture! Great book. Great read. I enjoyed Matthew Betley’s fun writing style, and developed characters. Cannot wait to dig into the second book in this new series!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Assassin’s Promise
and Sounds of Silence

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