Book Review: Predatory Kill

I won a copy of Kenneth Eade’s,  Predatory Kill through Goodreads. Below is my honest review, as promised. Authors, as an unwritten rule, are supposed to write about what they know. Eade is an attorney, and Predatory Kill is a legal thriller.thCAYHEGHX

The first legal thriller I ever read was not by John Grisham. It was Presumed Innocent by Scott Turrow. Then I read Grisham, and Steve Martini, etc. I worked, at the time, as a paralegal. Employment Law. So the books were fun, exciting. I had never heard of Kenneth Eade, but the cover of his book boasts that he is a Best Seller. That’s awesome.

Predatory Kill has what any mystery / thriller reader will enjoy. Mystery. Thrills. Big banks gave out mortgages to people who could never repay them. This happened. Our country fell into near financial collapse. In the novel, the banks involved went to extreme measure to ensure trails were clean, that no one would get in trouble. However, once a Grand Jury was involved, steps were taken to keep silent truths that needed to stay buried.

After the murder of her mother, and the near-death beating of her father, April Marsh hires attorney Brent Marks to take on the bank in a lawsuit. The bank is about to foreclose on her parents’ house. It is all she has left. She isn’t just interested in stopping the foreclosure. She wants the bank pay, certain they are responsible for the violence inflicted onto her parents.

In a search for answers to make the case stick, Marks finds himself in a dangerous position. Threats, both verbal and physical are made. Tails seem to be at every turn. If they make it through the trial there is a 50 / 50 chance the jury will find in their favor and punish the bank. However, making it alive until the end of the trial is another fear altogether!

Eade’s depositions and courtroom drama were the best parts of the book. They were taut scenes, fast and realistic sounding. With the exception of the characters all sounding similar (April, Angela, Brent, Banks, Berstein, Stein), once I had them down, I was good to go. There is not a lot of flowery description (since it is not needed), and the chapters are short. Plenty of dialogue, and tension and suspense. I enjoyed the book very much. I read it fast, in six or seven hours. If you legal thrillers or mystery novels, I’d recommend Predatory Kill.

Phillip Tomasso,
Author of Blood River and The Vaccination Trilogy



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