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I had the pleasure of reading the long story, or short novella of Resonant prior to its release. This is a prequel to Alexia Purdy’s Reign of Blood. (Please click the link to read my review of Reign of Blood). For what is downloadworth, there is also a sequel, Disarming, and a third, Amplified, which I will be reading and reviewing soon.

April is seventeen. She lives in Las Vegas with her kid brother, Jeremy, mother, and her mother’s boyfriend. The four of them are searching for sanctuary. A virus is loose. The effects turns people into creatures. The new beings have a blood-lust. They will stop at nothing to feed.

Is there anywhere that is safe?

April tests the limits. Hers, and those of the feral beasts that threaten her family’s security. She knows something about vampires from fiction. How much of fiction is fact?  And is risking her own life worth finding out the truths behind the legend? Holed up in their house, April knows time is short. Supplies run low. If they don’t find a more permanent location to live, they might all succumb to –if not the disease, then certainly from attacks from the diseased!

download Time is of the essence, and April knows there are only so many hours of daylight in a given day in which to act. The time to act is now, before it is too late.

Loved the story. Wanted more. It is a taut and compact tale. Gives you just enough to demand you read Reign of Blood.  Thankfully I have, and as I’d indicated, look forward to getting my hands on Disarming and Amplified.

Alexia Purdy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her style is smooth and gritty; tough and poignant. Her books are near impossible to put down. And when down, even more difficult to stop thinking about. You read them fast. You will remember them a long time!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of numerous novels!

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