Book Review: Term Limits, by Vince Flynn

TERM LIMITS, published in 1999, and Vince Flynn’s first novel, actually fits in third in the Mitch Rapp series, right between KILL SHOT and TRANSFER OF POWER. Which is pretty cool. Additionally, I found TERM LIMITS –for a book published eighteen years ago– very politically relevant.

The President of the United States has a budget vote coming up. He needs everyone on board for it to pass. Problem he and his staff are having is that they need to twist some arms to get the numbers where they need to be. Some congressman, ike Michael O’Rourke, just isn’t interested in playing ball. He believes the budget is a mistake and isn’t going to be swayed –even if the President called and asked for his vote. Which he does. And O’Rourke tells him . . . No.

In one night the Capital is sent into a tizzy. Three powerful politicians are brutally, but perfectly murdered. It is clear the hits were professional. The only people killed were those intended. No one else was harmed. In the morning a message is received. More members of the Senate, and House, and eventually the President will be assassinated if something isn’t immediately done to fix America.

The assassin’s believe they have taken out three dirty, selfish, greedy politicians for the good of the country. They will not stop cleaning house (no pun intended) until there is change. In comes Brian Roach and Skip McMahon, of the F.B.I. and Irene Kennedy, of the C.I.A. They are charged with working together in order to figure out what’s what. They have limited time, and hundreds of politicians to protect.

Because there are so very few clues, and nearly no evidence at the scene, the agencies believe they have an idea who might be involved. That is until two more politicians are killed, and the murders are messy, and uncharacteristically different from the first three. Is there more than one group involved? Will the President be next? Will dug up secrets from the government’s past destroy the country?

TERM LIMITS was edgy, and, like I said, relevant. The characters were phenomenal. I struggle with believing this was Flynn’s first novel. (It was). The plot was tight, and the suspense constantly building. The dialogue was convincingly authentic, and the narrative smooth and informative, without being boring and over-the-top. Flynn gives just enough of this, and enough of that to engage the reader with facts and so the reader can paint a mental image of what is taking place. My kind of thriller. Loved it!

Phillip Tomasso
Author the Severed Empire Series,
and the Vaccination Trilogy




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