Book Review: The Clarity, by Keith Thomas

I received an advance review copy of Keith Thomas’ The Clarity. After reading the back cover synopsis, I bumped it ahead of the book on my To-Be-Read (TBR) pile. And within a few days, finished the book with a sense of “wow, that was not what I expected!” kind of feel.

Ashanique is a young girl. When she hits a certain age, her life changes. She can suddenly remember explicit details about past lives. Her mind takes her back to the death of a soldier during World War I. And so it begins. . .

Ashnique’s mother knew the time would come. She isn’t surprised by her daughters ability. Janice has the same skill, but her’s is different. Ashnique’s ability is something more special, more spectacular, and for that reason everything they once knew is about to change. Their lives are going to be in danger, and Dr. Song is the only one who can help them!

A group known as the HED (Human Ecology Division) has been monitoring the situation. So much money has been invested, and so much time. More hangs in the balance than can ever be explained. When Ashnique’s powers activate, it is time to reign in the ladies . . . There is a unique condition that has existed for over thirty years, and Ashnique might be the only one who can turn things around! Dr. Sykes, as the director of HED, manipulates the situation. She sends a psychopathic killer out to bring in Janice and her daughter!

With gripping characters, and a continually unfolding, and surprising plot, The Clarity kept me turning pages. It was one of those, I will just read one more chapter, kind of books. I needed to know what happened next, and then after that, and after that! There is a lot of “science” in this science fiction thriller, and I was worried I would get lost in the medical aspect of the tale. Thankfully, Keith Thomas, writes clearly, and smoothly, and kept me in the loop the entire time. If I had a third hand, I would give The Clarity Three Thumbs Up!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero 
and Damn the Dead

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