Book Review: The Hatching, by Ezekiel Boone

I don’t think I am giving anything away if I tell you The Hatching is about spiders. You know what? I don’t care. The Hatching is about spiders! Man, I read the book in one day. My skin is crawling. Itchy. I feel like there are spiders all over the place. On me. I. Am. Freaked. The. Heck. Out!

I don’t think it matters whether I have an unnatural phobia when it comes to spiders. I believe, strongly believe, even if I didn’t I would have trouble sleeping after reading the book. Boone can do horror. And he does it well.

Spiders from Peru have hitched a ride back to the rest of the world. They are spreading. The spiders are feeders. No one is safe. As insects, or bugs, or whatever you want to call them, they are nearly impossible to fight. Or stop. China is under attack, as well. The way they try handling the outbreak is beyond crazy, and yet there is a certain sense of “Yeah, I get it” when you read about the unfolding events.

The government, the police, the scientists are doing all they can to gather helpful information. Survivalists are prepped and ready to go underground until this . . . plague blows over. To make matters worse those in the know realize the attack might just be a first wave. In other words, this might be the beginning.

There are groups of great characters. They are nicely fleshed out. The different chapters jump back and forth to the different lives across the country, across the globe, and each segment is equally as compelling. I care about the characters, and can’t wait to see what happens next for each of them.

And then … and then the book ended. A huge, huge cliff hanger. Thankfully, SKITTER is the second in the series, and I have a copy of it right here. Right next to me. The question is — the problem is — can I handle more spiders? Will I ever sleep again if I read about more spiders? Fine. Fine. I’ll manage. Excuse me. I have to go. It’s time for more reading!

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