Book Review: The Last Infection

Michael W. Garza’s latest novel is out. The Last Infection. This book was gifted to me to read and provide an honest review. I’ve read it. That was the first part. Here comes the second. The honest review. Are you ready?514i3vP53FL._SS300_

Wow. That’s if I just provided a one-word review. Wow. I could end it there, and feel my assessment was absolutely complete. Wow. The book opens with intense action. It ends with intense action. And the pages between the first and last chapters? Filled with intense action.

There is a zombie apocalypse in full swing. Right from the get go. There are two types of creatures. The walking dead, and the infected. They are fast. They are slow. They are smart. Getting smarter by the day. They coordinate and communicate. They are dangerous. Deadly. Our main character is named Chris. He has a checkered past. His future isn’t looking much better, that is until he meets young Jake and his baby sister, Alicien. These kids are both under ten, and hell-bent on surviving. The only issue is they will most certainly slow Chris down. He has made it this far by keeping on the move. Never staying in one spot too long. And then they meet Jenn, an EMT. The four bond. Everyone loses someone in times like this. They are all each other has. There needs to be a reason to move forward, to keep going, to not throw ones hands up and surrender. Friendship. Love. Those are two good reasons.

downloadWhen I say Love, I am not talking about mushy romance. I am talking about the way a father loves his kids. The way a mother loves her family. Surviving is worthless if you do it alone. It takes Chris a while to realize this. It is great to watch his character evolve. As great the evolution of Chris’ character, it pales in comparison to that of the zombies and the infected. They are scary. Mean, hungry and relentless. Unfortunately, the creatures that fill the page are hardly the demons of the story. A worse antagonist exists. Man.

Getting from Point A to Point B with a stop over in Vegas is what this detrimental journey is all about. Chris, Jenn, Jake and Alicien have their work cut out for them. At every turn, around every corner, down every dark hallway, littering every dangerous and seemingly deserted alley is danger. Real danger. Palpable danger.

I do not want to give away too much. There are ruthless and reckless survivalists that threaten moral fiber, shank respect and live to decimate mortality. There are infected and zombies who hunger to the point of self-destruction. There are bus rides and foot chases. Friends made and friends lost and it all concludes with an unexpected climax that left me breathless, and deflated.

I have been a fan of Garza since The Hand That Feeds. If you have not read a book by this emerging author, do yourself a favor. Read one. Any. Want to start with a winner, start with The Last Infection. I can promise –it will haunt you.  5 Stars? 5 Stars is not nearly enough!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of The Vaccination Trilogy

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