Book Review: The Testament of Tall Eagle

If you follow my book reviews at all you will have noticed a shift in genres. I went from suspense and mystery novels, to horror, to zombie-specific, and young adult dystopian, to fantasy. My reading selection is diverse. When it comes to fiction, anyway. Recently I purchased a paperback copy of John R. Fultz’s latest novel, The Testament of Tall Eagle. It is by far the most unique fantasy novel I have ever read. It is poetic, and well paced. The characters are so spectacularly drawn, that I knew them. The over all book was compelling.thCA1SWC9Z

So what is it about? I dare say it is a Native American tale. Because that would not be true. However, it is the easiest way to explain the story. Tall Eagle (son of Two Elks) is from a tribe known as simply, the People. They live in one are during the summer months, and move to another during the winter. They hunt buffalo, and follow ancient traditions as a way of life. Tall Eagle and Rides the Wind are cousins, but more like brothers. When they take steps to become men they each must venture out and seek their own vision. Tall Eagle climbs the mountains. His vision seems real. He sees a giant eagle with a warrior who rides on the bird’s back. Rides the Wind encounters horses (something new to the People) and masters riding the animal, returning to the tribe with a horse of his own.

There are many other tribes in the area. None as peaceful. They seem quick on attacking, and vicious during battle. Unfortunately, the other tribes are not the only threat. Giant centipede-worms rise out of the ground and devour flesh and blood, spitting out just bones. Tall Eagle wants to defend the People. The idea is to fight the creatures, seek revenge for those lost.

Tall Eagle calls on the help of his spirit guide, the eagle. Only, there is more to his visions than mere illusion, or tjrfdelusion. The beasts are not of this world. There is but one way to stop the worms for good. The plan is dangerous. Most who follow Tall Eagle will not survive. Can there be another choice? Or is war against the alien beasts the only way?

“Sibling” rivalry, family, customs, and jealousy litter the pages of Fultz’s novel. Magic, and magical worlds provide hope and a ray of light to the impending darkness. Battle scenes, and an epic conclusion make The Testament of Tall Eagle a most excellent read.

I have already ordered more books by this author, (thankful I’d found him). That’s how I am. If I like a book, I tend to buy all the writer has written. I cannot wait to dive into more worlds he’s created. Am I recommending this book? I would say that I am. Give it a shot. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Damn the Dead and Young Blood

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