Book Review: VAMPIRESS: Bloodborne

Who is The Vampiress? Is it right or wrong to take away life. . .and give immortality?

Riverwolf Pass is a small town filled with secrets. Hailey McCawl finds herself in the center of them, without understanding the great importance of it all. Defending her younger brother, Hailey’s life is changed forever.

Caught up in the middle of a game, she quickly learns that trust is something earned. Only, no one she has met since the ordeal got underway deserves it. As a new vampire she is forced to accept her new way of life. As a vampire the life with her family is over as she once knew it. Her relationship with her family is forever changed. Her love for her younger brother, and his safety is all that is important.

With all the different types of vampires, Hailey won’t know which category she falls under until her transformation is complete. Her change is being closely monitored. The expectations around what she will become are highly anticipated. Could she be something special that everyone has been waiting for?

Hailey’s one childhood friend, Zakk, is about the only person in the world she believes in. It is possible that will all have to change.  Fear sets in when she is summoned to court for turning a vampire hunter into a vampire, making that person a vampire vampire hunter —  a lethal combination that makes the hinter stronger and more dangerous.

While some wan1170662_412162038888185_1650564863_nt to help Hailey prepare for her future, she wants to make things right with her family. Truth is . . . time is running out. If The 12 Vampire Council returns a verdict finding Hailey guilty of crimes against the breed the punishment does not involve a prison sentence. The sentence can only be death.

The Masters of the Vampire Community is run by a sinister vampire who controls the community, the Council and every vampire on the planet. The Underground is a rebellion set up to level the playing field. Both the vampire and the Underground want Hailey on their side. There is no sitting on the sidelines. Choices will need to be made, alliances created. It all comes down to trust. . .and as it has already been stated — Hailey McCawl does not know who to believe.

Vampiress: Bloodborne is a crazy vampire tale. Twisted, and dark, it kept me turning pages. When I had to stop reading, I found myself thinking about the characters, the tension, and the dire situations. The taut story is fast, and compelling. Kya Aliana does a fantastic job of making the reader care about the characters she’s created. I didn’t want to know what happened next. I needed to know. Big difference. Vampiress: Bloodborne is the start to what I am confident will become an epic series. I am anxious to see what happens next! Kya Aliana is an author to keep your eye on. Her stories are bound to become legendary.

Phillip Tomasso
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