Book Review: ZERO DAY, by Ezekiel Boone

Ezekiel Boone’s spider trilogy has been nothing shy of a horrific ride. Suspenseful, and crazy. I suffer from arachnophobia. For me the books were terrifying. Even if you don’t have arachnophobia, I have to think the books in this series will mess with your head. Let’s face it, no one likes spiders. No author has ever tapped into my fear as completely as Boone.

In The Hatching, the spiders spread. Moved from Peru, the infestation becomes  globally pandemic, impacting the entire world.  Billions and billions of aggressive spiders feed on world-wide population. In Skitter, those still alive realize the spider pandemic was just the first wave. The spiders used people as hosts. The people gave birth to an altered breed of spiders, bigger, and more menacing than from the first round. Clearly, the spiders are under some kind of control. They move, and act as one –as if directed. Nuclear bombs are dropped on communities in an attempt to contain the vicious outbreak.

Zero Day picks up where Skitter left off. The president of the united states does not want to use any more nuclear weapons, and is struggling to find a way to stop the spiders from further attacks. The U.S. military believes the president did too little, too late, and have a vote of no confidence in place. An American Coup is in the works. Two sides determined to stop the spiders using two very different tactics.

Groups of survivors are not standing by idle waiting for politicians and the military to solve the global crisis. Queen spiders are the puppet masters. They are in control of the billions and billions of spiders raking a path across the world. The only way to call off the attack is to find and terminate the queen spiders. Tracking their den down won’t be easy. Going into the spider nest won’t be safe. Killing the queens is the only way the human race stands a chance at surviving the amassing hordes of large, hungry spiders. The only way.

But is there enough time to eliminate the queens and save the world? Or will opposing political campaigns hinder the efforts and doom the human race forever!

Boone has created some amazing characters. The dialogue cracks me up at times, they are so real and authentic. There is nothing cardboard about them, or the way they talk. Zero Day was a blast, as was the entire trilogy!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Assassin’s Promise

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