Is The Walking Dead . . . Dead?

The Walking dead first aired in the United States with an eight episode season in October 2010. For the next five years viewership and television ratings increased exponentially. While the show is loosely based on graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, the AMC series really launched the return of Zombies being the In Thing.

Last year Season Six ran into some road bumps, some hiccups. The show was losing viewers. And while maybe not alarming, Frank Darabont –who developed the show with AMC– must be wondering if his Cash Cow is nearing the end of the pasture. I know I am.

There was a time when I could not wait for October. Anticipation filled me as I anxiously awaited a new season of The Walking Dead. It is now December, and the Season Seven mid-season finale is only a few days away . . . and I have yet to watch the first episode.

I wonder if a cross over between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will enhance the shows and bring more viewers back to sit in front of their televisions? And wasn’t there talks about a Walking Dead movie?

You know what I think? I believe people are Zombied-out. My fear is (because I still do love zombies) people are just tired of the genre.

Popularity ebbs and flows. It comes in waves. Some are down and out tsunamis. The Walking Dead is a prime example of the that. Something similar happened with the Twilight movies. The first one broke records by the four, did anyone even care? (Granted, Kristen Stewart as Bella could be the reason. Maybe had she of taken acting lessons prior to landing the lead in the films . . .) Look at Hunger Games. I loved the books, and the movies, but by the end of the fourth film I was just Katniss-exhausted! And Divergent . . . are they even going to finish making the movies? I have no idea.

I know I am comparing Apples to Oranges when I talk about TV shows versus Major Motion Pictures. The idea is that genres, or topics run their course. It is natural, it is what happens. Up. Down. Ebbs. Flows. Peaks. Valleys. Get what I am saying? And the movies I am using for comparison were not single film productions. Each contained three – to four movies, taking place over the course of four to five years from start to finish.

My point, my question to you is: Are you tired of Zombies? Do you think The Walking Dead has run it’s course?

Love to hear your thoughts!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Wizard’s Rise

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5 thoughts on “Is The Walking Dead . . . Dead?”

  1. Tired of zombies? No. Tired of TWD? Yeah..

    I’m tired of the whole TWD trope, anguished survivors using their belt fed AKs to fight for a can of beans. (I do admit to a crush on Carol)

    My own books are military sci fi, alternative history and yes, Zombies! I’ written a complete reversal of TWD where Georgia stands along, but we are still standing.

  2. I don’t think it’s the genre that’s running out of steam Phillip. I think it’s the writing on TWD. You just don’t feel for the characters anymore and some descision making is just ludicrous. At least I hope that’s it since I have one more novel to finish off in my own zombie series. Ha ha ha.

    1. That could very well be the issue. I just don’t care about the characters the way I once did. A shame, really. A shame.

  3. Same as Michael says. The story if just become tired. The characters are boring now. The zombies are bad. Time for a new universe like Michael Peirce’s Red Dirt Zombies or Javan Bonds Still Alive Series. Both great series in an ever growing genre of Zompoc that keep turning out fantastic zombie stories.

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