Keto to Vegetarian: The Meals (#3)

I am a few days into the transition. It is something of a culture shock. When on the Keto diet I ate bread-less cheeseburgers and hunks of pepperoni from a pepperoni stick like it was water. And I enjoyed it.

I spent the last few summers without eating fruit. I missed fruit more than one might imagine. While I won’t be juicing, I do look forward to making veggie/fruit smoothies.

Being vegetarian for me isn’t about weight-loss, nor is it about animals. (Sorry, but it is not). While I felt full of energy and dropped some serious poundage on Keto, I began worrying about my arteries and my heart. Eating so much fat just can’t be healthy.

I have no doubt a diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts is going to be all around better for my well being. (Not to make the point religious but fasting and eating fruits, nuts and veggies is Biblical. In the story, Daniel passes on meats and food fit for a king and ate only those listed above. The marked improvement seen after passing on what were considered delicacies proved which was the healthier way to eat. Ref: Daniel 1:11-13).

The increased fiber has taken somewhat of a toll. My gut gurgles and makes odd noises all day now. And all night. I am constantly second guessing myself as if I feel guilty for enjoying a banana, an apple, or a slice of melon.

Regardless, I am enjoying the change-up in meals. For instance, I packed a lunch for work. I made a salad with a sliced yellow bell pepper and some cheddar cheese. I used a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. I tupperwared some green and red grapes with small chunks of extra sharp cheddar cheese. Lastly, I made a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain oatmeal bread (Pepperidge Farm).

When I get home I am going to fire up the crock pot and slow cook some mixed bean lentil soup, with diced tomatoes, carrots, beans and lentils, as well as a little unsalted chicken broth and other seasonings.

I plan on doing a weigh-in after a week, just to see what’s what. I don’t anticipate a weight-loss, however I am restricting myself to about 1,200 calories a day. The small amount of fruit I have eaten has crushed the amount of carbs I want to have in a twenty-four hour period.

As I progress on this new way of eating, I believe I will also still limit fruits. I will not cut them out, or forego the joys of having fruit, but I will limit serving sizes to drastically slash the sugar/carbohydrate intake.

I did find a somewhat incomplete list of foods more ideal for weight-loss and broken down into proteins, carbohydrates and fats. I have seen other lists where apples, bananas and carrots are NOT ideal for weight loss. On the internet you can find the answer you are looking for regardless of truth or facts if you look hard enough. Take the below list with a grain of salt (a whole grain of salt, that is. Bada-bing)!

Vegetarian Protein for Weight Loss
Greek yogurt
Nutritional yeast

Vegetarian Carbohydrates for Weight Loss
Whole-grain bread
Whole-grain pasta

Vegetarian Fats for Weight Loss
Extra virgin olive oil
Nuts and seeds
Flaxseed (ground or as oil)

I will post some pictures of my lentil soup and review the taste and consistency along with a full recipe if I end up liking it.

Additionally, I am focusing most of my exercise on walking at this point. (Despite the frigid temperatures). My dog insists on it. I average close to 5,000 steps per day. I will be adding push-ups, squats and some dumbbell workouts, too.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for dropping in!
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