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Before you read like one or two sentences and disregard this entire blog — maybe you know what Live Below The Line is — give me the chance to let me story unfold. I’d appreciate that.

Anyway, I initially heard that Actor/Producer/Director/Oscar-winner Ben Affleck, planned to live on $1.50 a day — as a means of raising global poverty awareness.

I’ll admit, I hate when stars do this kind of thing. I won’t even get into how much or all the reasons Sean Penn drives me crazy. He does. Love him as an actor, can’t stand him as a humanitarian. And now Affleck. He’s up there. Or was. Initially, that is.

I read the article. Was instead of pissed off further, I became intrigued. I followed a link and learned more “facts.” Real facts.

I had all these sarcastic points I panned to make. Mean ones. And if you could hear me, instead of just read what I’d envisioned writing, you’d of so heard the anger and obnoxiousness dripping in my tone. (Maybe I should start vlogging. I would, but hate the sound of my own voice. Can’t imagine people stopping by to hear me read this stuff in front of a webcam. Trust me, read it. Better all around–for you, for me…).

The first uneducated thing I thought was, “Oh yeah? And how long is Affleck going to attempt living on $1.50 a day?” Internally, I figured, anything less than a year — and I would not be impressed.

Turns out, it’s for just Five (5) Days.

I was like, “. . . big Hollywood star like Affleck is really going to rough it, huh? Five days on a buck-fifty. Whoop-dee-do!”

My insults were ready to fly. I grabbed a notebook, my pen –scribbled down jabs and pot shots I planned to land in my (harmless, rarely read) blog. . . “What is Affleck gonna do, gas up his car and go shopping for groceries on Sunday, and then Monday through Friday hit Tim Hortons instead of Starbucks on his way to the office? Brown bag from stocked cupboards at home a lunch of lobster and steak?”

There were a whole string of me-making-fun-of-Affleck-because-he’s-rich-jokes that, you know what? I’ll spare you. You get the idea in the paragraph above. You see how funny, and cynical and satirical I can be from that sampling, don’t you?

Then I heard Ben Affleck wasn’t doing this alone. He was being joined by other celebrities like Josh Groban, Debi Mazar, Sophia Bush and Tom Hiddleston. My blog was getting better and better … All I had to do now, was write it.

I decided I’d better click on an article link for Live Below the Line before everything I planned to do got done and ended up making me look stupid for messing up facts I thought I knew were quite possibly incorrect.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

My supposed “facts” got straightened out. I’d perceived it all wrong. All of it.

The “stars” are going to limit themselves to $1.50 a day for food. They cannot go to their stocked cupboards. Family and friends cannot “donate” food to them.

They must go grocery shopping with $7.50 and purchase –with just that– 5 days worth of food.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. For each day — using no more than $1.50 per day. The website also states:

“For items such as salt, pepper, herbs and spices, simply work out the cost of each item per ounce and budget your shopping proportionally. Separate your items before the challenge so there’s no need to be digging around in your pantry.”

Think about that. (The math alone –figuring out cost of something like salt per ounce– would drive me insane)!

I now know –after getting all the facts– and applaud, not only the actors and musicians getting involved in this donation campaign, but all the people like you and me who are doing it as well.

There isn’t much time. The whole gig gets started on Monday, April 29th (2013), and runs until Saturday, May 3rd (2013). HOWEVER, donations can be collected right up through Friday, May 31st  (2013).

Want to know how you can participate? Click the hyperlink 🙂

How about, learn how you can donate . . . Click the hyperlink 🙂

Live Below the Line is a worthwhile challenge. Rich, or not rich — you can participate. Spread the word. Use your own blog, Twitter (hashtag usage: #livebelowtheline), Facebook — my only regret is that I am learning about this four days before the event begins in the U.S.

I am thinking about donating, for sure, and participating, too. What are you going to do?

As always,

Phillip Tomasso

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  1. Hey Phil nice blog. What program us it? It integrates into facebook really well. Good article here. Thanks for the info. Oh, and tgere s nothing wrong with the sound of your voice.

  2. Hey Phil! I use WordPress — with my website. It’s not as easy as blogspot. But I am getting used to it. Hope you are well. Feel free to repost, and Tweet the blog — It’s some important info! Take care!

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