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I recently talked music with a friend. I mentioned a few artists I enjoyed, ones they had never heard of.  Giving a song title, I referred my friend to YouTube so they could listen to one of my all-time most favorite songs.


Which they did. Which they ended up becoming emotional over. Which made me feel like, wow – maybe by sharing my taste in music with someone, I’d turned them on to an artist they might never have known, otherwise.


That got me thinking. Why not blog a Top 10 List.


But not about music. Not for this blog, anyway. That would be too easy, and expected. Especially with the opening paragraphs. Nope. I decided this blog, this Top 10 List, will deal with movies.


It’s kind of funny. Yes. I am a movie fanatic. Some fanatics I’ve met rationalize movies, and pick them apart and try to analyze and over-analyze, re-evaluate and analyze again. Sure, I’ve got director’s I prefer, or like, or have heard of. Same goes for actors and actresses. But when I judge a movie, I use three simple rules:


–Did I feel the urge to text or play on Twitter during the movie?


–Did I mentally create a shopping list of items I’d need on the way home during the climax?


–Could I remember what movie I’d seen while walking to my car in the parking lot?


Pretty standard, probably not much different from criteria used when you judge movies. I mean, I have a few other things. Was it visually stunning, purposely grainy, humorous, scary, sexy – as meant, or accidental.


The biggest thing I ask of myself – Did I like it.


That’s really all that matters. Truth is I like most movies. I can find the good in them, even if I have to dig some to get at it. Maybe I can see what the writer tried to have happen, or what the actor interpreted as his character’s motivation, or the simple fact the best was done with the shoelace budget available.


I’ve rambled a bit here. I’m sort of sorry. Sort of not. Regardless, it’s time to move forward. Below, behold, My Top 10 Favorite Films*:


10. National Treasure


9.  Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Lost Crusade, Crystal Skull)


8.  Jurassic Park


7.  Reservoir Dogs


6.  Matchstick Men


5.  Donnie Brosco


4.  Goodfellas


3.  Toy Story (I, II, III)


2.  Star Wars (I, II, III, IV, V, VI)


1.  Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit, The Two Towers, Return of the King)


* I count trilogies as 1 Movie (or any cluster of films under the same title)

 Let me tell you, coming up with just ten movies is tough. Very. What I’d like is to see YOUR list of top ten movies. Or argue with me about mine. Leave comments, or email me.


And next time, maybe I’ll do books, or pizza toppings. Vacation spots or types of potato chips … I don’t know yet. Could even be music. (Anyone wondering what artist/song I was referring to in the opening paragraph? Anyone care?)


As always, share the blog, post it, email it, Facebook it, Tweet it!


Sincerely and Always,

Phillip Tomasso




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2 thoughts on “My Top 10”

  1. Love top ten’s, they help get to know peoples likes and tastes. When you see some of my choices you will know why I am not as big as you on lumping series as you. I am a little bigger on comedies than most folks (I think).

    10. Tin Cup (tied with the kids movie plot equivalent Cars)
    9. On The Water Front
    8. Raiders of the Lost Arc
    7. Blade Runner
    6. Caddyshack (they made two more that shall never be spoken of…)
    5. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies (Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises)
    4. Fight Club (also my favorite novel)
    3. Star Wars (Episode IV, V and VI)
    2. Fletch (also my favorite mystery novel, I like but don’t love Fletch Lives)
    1. The Matrix (the first only)

    1. I love your list. Yes, The first Matrix (Only!). Great film, as are Blade Runner and Fight Club! And who can ever forget the classic On The Water Front! Thank you for sharing your list!!

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