Netflix Movie Review: Grabbers

The synopsis for the 2012 film, Grabbers, reads as follows: When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive. Netflix viewers have given Grabbers 4.5 Stars, and IMDB 6.1 out of 10. So I added it to my queue. Every time I scrolled over the movie, and read the plot-line, I groaned, and kept scrolling. Grabbers

Today, I decided to try it. Figured, why not. Also, I am to write a Sea Monster story for my publisher. Watching Sea Monster films is homework, research. At least that’s the way I see it. Research.

Anyway, let me start with this. I want to visit Ireland. The scenery in this film — the hills, the ocean, the bluffs — amazing and breathtaking beautiful. The movie opens with a fishing boat out at sea when a fisherman observes something like a comet rocket out of the sky and slam into the ocean. Thinking it might be a distress flare, the crew maneuver the ship for a closer look.

Officer Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradly) is on a ferry with a temporary assignment to work on the island. Officer O’Shea is not thrilled about Lisa’s arrival. Figures she will be a thorn in his side, since he is an barely-functioning alcoholic. Lisa, coming from a city busy with drug raids, murders and rapes, is hoping the island will prove equally challenging. O’Shea assures her it will not be the case.

On land, the beach is covered with Pilot Whale carcasses. They’re slightly ripped up, as if they had been attacked. Dr. Adam Smith (Russell Tovey) admits he’s not sure exactly what has happened to the whales. Soon, bodies are discovered, bodies and the heads from bodies …

Between eggs being laid, and a fisherman taking home some unknown creature he caught in a lobster cage, it becomes quickly clear that a new species is in town; alien to the waters, or alien to this world. Once it is realized that the creatures are similar to leaches, surviving on blood and water, it looks like there might not be a way to stop what is going on in town.

An odd discovery is made as a way to stop the monsters from attacking. The officers and doctor form a plan using this new information. It is quite possibly all they can think to do in an effort to save everyone from the sea monster  devouring people on land!

The acting is pretty good. The entire cast did an amazing job. There were no small parts! I feel like the first half of the movie was more horror with some humor. The second half was more humor with some horror. Feel like they may have tried to re-capture the magic of bound-to-be cult classic Shaun of the Dead. Nice thought. Fell short. Not saying it wasn’t humorous. It was. It just wasn’t funny. There is a difference. The special effects and creature creations were not bad. Better than I’d seen in some huge budget films. Again, the scenes with monsters ranged from horror to humor — but were done well.

Plenty of irony in the film. Some in your face, some not so in your face — but still there if you see it. Written by Kevin Lehane, directed by Jon Wright, this 94 minute movie is Not Rated. Based on some profane language and mild blood and gore, I’d say it was rated between PG-13 and R. For a B-Horror / Comedy … I enjoyed it. Liked the characters and the story. I’d have to give Grabbers 4 out of 5 Tombstones!

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