Walking Dead Follow Up: How Did Shane/Randy Become Walkers: 03-12-12

Looks like I was not alone. Last night’s episode (Better Angels) of The Walking Dead raised many questions.

I blogged live during the show. You can read that here.

Things got crazy at the end of the show. When it ended I couldn’t help getting worried. No I was not worried about all the killing. Or the fact that Carl is starting to creep me out. He’s like some creature-kid from a Stephen King movie. But whatever.

No. What’s bothering me is the fear that The Walking Dead is going to become like Lost. I don’t think that is what’s going to happen. But like I said. I worry. (And don’t get me wrong. I dedicated years watching Lost. Week after week. Loved all the constant questions raised. Loved that everyone was assured answers were forthcoming. Bull-crap! Writers took a cheap, easy way out. Everyone was dead all along? Really? Dead all along?)

What everyone was dying to know–How in the hell did Randy and Shane become zombies?

Here’s what I found. The TV show, as we all know, is based on the comics.

While I am an avid reader, I did not read The Walking Dead graphic novels.

In my own words, and in my best understanding, based on the comics — the zombie virus is airborne. Everyone is infected.

If you are “Alive” and get bitten or scratched by a Walker, within a designated amount of time — that person will become a Walker, as well. However, if a person dies of “natural” causes — that person will come back as a Walker, too.

It all, now, comes down to destroying the brain/head of the person. Whether a zombie, or just someone who died.

I think back to the episode where Rick’s group is holed up inside the C.D.C.  (The one where Andrea wants to stay, and explode with the building). The guy left alive, left to run the C.D.C. whispers something horrifying to Rick.

Could it have been that the disease is airborne? That everyone is actually infected?

That would, in fact, be horrifying. Hopeless. Wouldn’t it?

Uh-huh. Sure as hell would … meaning maybe Andrea had the right idea. Giving up. Surrendering to an exploding death?

Yes? No?

This is my two cents. Love to hear yours. Send me comments, emails, feedback!!

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